Hi, I'm Em.
I’m a content strategist and creator with a degree in graphic design. For the past eight years, I’ve worked with businesses designing brand identities, and creating and fostering their online presence through content strategy and creation.
Previous to my current creative career, I was an esthetician and massage therapist for over a decade. I have extensive knowledge of skin anatomy and skin and body wellness and health and have a particular interest in clean and sustainable beauty, wellness, and lifestyle products.
I also had a baby girl in September, and am looking to collaborate with brands in parenting, beauty, wellness, and lifestyle industries.
UGC Video
UGC Photography
Rates & Bundles

One product x 5 staged photos — $180
Three products x 5 staged photos of each — $450
All products x 5 staged photos of each — TBD
One UGC-style video — $150
Three UGC-style videos — $400
Five UGC-style videos — $600

1 UGC-style video ad, with:
- 1 edited video
- 2 different hooks
- 2 different CTAs
- 12 months full usage rights
3 UGC-style video ads, includes:
- 3 different ads
- 2 different hooks for each ad (6 hooks total)
- 12 months full usage rights
Looking for something more specific? Just ask!
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