I'm an imperfect environmentalist, which is relatable to human beings trying to live life more sustainably. It's hard to stay committed 100% all the time and navigate an industry where education and awareness are shaky. 
Sustainability is scary. Weather patterns are becoming unpredictable, and natural disasters are rising in frequency. Just in the US, they've gone from an average of three per year in the 1980s to 13 per year today.
Knowing that we're leaving the planet worse than when we got here and leaving our kids to deal with the repercussions leaves me with many negative emotions. 
Sadness. Disappointment. Anxiety.
But it's not all doom and gloom. There's much to learn, and many ways to grow into this new normal we're finding ourselves in. That's why I'm here; to show you that it's OK to be an imperfect environmentalist.
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